On Being In Writing Hell

Third to the last edit.
My writing hell continues.
It is fortunate that one cannot get drunk off coffee.

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Naughty Kitty Doesn’t Like His Photo Taken

Please note: Naughty Kitty, who Darling Laughing Son dropped off, did not want to sit for this book photo.

Also note: I am on a deadline. This is when everything goes rapidly down hill. I start muttering to myself. I eliminate characters while cackling.

I hit the delete button like a mad woman.

I eat junk. Tonight for dinner I had crackers dipped in blue cheese dressing. Yesterday for lunch I had chocolate. My eyes get fuzzy. We run out of normal food.

I actually washed my hair for this shot. Who knows when it will happen again?

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays. Happiness always to you and yours.

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If The Holidays Make You Want To Take Off On Santa’s Sleigh…

Need to escape from your in-laws during the holidays?


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Thanks To The Oregonian!

Oh yaaaay. Thanks to The Oregonian for choosing “No Place I’d Rather Be” for their Gift Guide To Book Worms!

(Cover photo is three rows down, left. It’s the audio cover!)

“Beaverton author Cathy Lamb blends a delightfully quirky family, historical fiction and romance in her newest novel. A chef who left her native state of Montana for a heartbreaking reason ha returned, bringing along two young sisters she promised to protect from their abusive mother. Then she discovers anĀ old family cookbook that finally reveals her grandmother’s painful past.”

As I am on a deadline and everything is going rapidly downhill (hair, eyes, nerves, house, where is Innocent Husband?) this was encouraging news.



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Need A Book For The Weekend?

My three recommendations if you want to lay in front of the fireplace, drink SOMETHING (hot chocolate, wine, beer) and read a book book this weekend…

#PreFridayReads: Cathy Lamb with Three Recs

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Help A Kenyan Girl Get An Education

Want to support an impoverished girl in Kenya so she can complete her education at Daraja Academy?

The academy provides an incredible education, clothing, medical and dental services, and books.

Click on the link to help a smart girl stay in school.





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Francis Ford Coppola And Tall Poppy Writers

Delighted to announce a partnership with Hollywood producer Francis Ford Coppola’s winery and Tall Poppy writers.

Each quarter they’ll pair their wine and our books in the Books and Bottles club.

Drink wine, read books.

Check it out.



Books & Bottles




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Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers to Non-Burned Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving!

My turkey is in the oven baking, not burning.

No flames!

Cheers to all!

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Bar Fights And Pig Revenge

If you need a post-turkey book, and you want to go to Scotland in your mind to escape annoying in-laws, and you’d like to see a handsome man in a kilt, and a bar fight sounds like a fun way to let off some holiday steam, and using a rampaging pig for revenge seems like a clever idea…try My Very Best Friend.

Amazon. Less than 10 bucks on kindle.



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Goals And Hopes And Burning Turkeys

What are your goals for this week?
These are mine, as noted to myself…

Goal One: Do not burn the turkey as has happened in the past. Remember: A turkey should be cooked, not charred black and smoking.











Goal Two: Do not lose your mind in this last month of edits before your book is due or take a hammer to your laptop. Remember to wash your hair and stop referring to yourself as, “Very stupid writer,” and “You suck.”


















Goal Three: Keep naughty kitty off the table because she likes to walk across your computer keyboard and insert nonsensical, looooong sentences into your manuscript AND she likes to hit the delete button.


Goal Four: Stop eating the chocolate cake on your counter. Please. Stop. Just stop.


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