HEA asked some of our favorite romance authors to share their memories about a favorite childhood toy. Enjoy!


Cathy Lamb, author of If You Could See What I See

My favorite childhood toy was a tiny ceramic statue of Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep. She has a fluffy yellow dress on with a huge bow, a jaunty yellow hat, and she’s carrying a basket of flowers. Now, it’s surprising that I loved Little Bo Peep. She did, after all, look rather prissy. Plus, she had lost her sheep. Come on, Bo Peep, keep track of ‘em. As a kid, I ran around outside all the time. I climbed trees, hid in forts, played tag and hide and seek, and would never have brushed my hair had my mother not insisted. To put it kindly, I was quite homely. Bo Peep was not. She had every lock in place. She even wore lipstick. I rarely wore dresses. We were exact opposites. But I loved her and her sparkly gold shoes, and still have her, to this day. That ditzy Bo Peep lost her sheep, and that my last name is now Lamb is not lost on me.



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