USA TODAY Article And Excerpt Of My Very Best Friend

Cathy Lamb shares a scene from her new romance, My Very Best Friend.

Cathy sets the scene for us …

Cathy: My new novel, My Very Best Friend, is about two best friends. One, Charlotte Mackintosh, is a bestselling time travel romance writer living like a hermit on an island off the coast of Washington. She has no romance in her life. She gets the irony of that. The other best friend, Bridget Ramsay, is missing. A few more cryptic hints about the story? It’s set in Scotland. There’s a special garden with a flowing purple clematis. A run-down stone cottage. A man in a kilt with an unforgettable smile and a priest who mysteriously disappeared decades ago. There are crazy activities with a new group of daring friends, including lingerie bike-riding at night and Highland dancing on top of bars, excellent Scottish desserts and a tumble into love. But where is Bridget?



My name is Charlotte Mackintosh. I am thirty-five. I love science. I have degrees in physics and biology. One would think I would work in a lab or teach at a university. I don’t. I write time travel romance novels. My ninth book was released four months ago.

My pen name is Georgia Chandler. My mother was from Georgia, a southern belle, and Chandler was her maiden name.

For me to be a romance writer is a perplexing joke. What romance? I don’t have any in my life, haven’t for years, since The Unfortunate Marriage. I have named my vibrator Dan The Vibrator. That should tell you about the sexual action I get. Which is, so we’re all clear, none.

My late father, Quinn, was Scottish, hence my last name, and his mother had the Scottish Second Sight. She saw the future, all mottled up, but she saw it. Sometimes she didn’t understand it herself. I remember her predictions, one in particular when I was seven and we were making an apple butterscotch pie with a dash of cinnamon.

“You will travel through many time periods, Charlotte,” my grandma said, rolling out the pie dough with a heavy rolling pin, her gray curls escaping her bun like springs. “All over the world.”

“What do you mean?” I rolled out my dough, too. We were bringing the pies to the Scottish games up in the highlands the next day, where my father was competing in the athletic contests and playing his bagpipes.

“I don’t know, luv. Damn this seeing into the future business. Cockamamie. It will drive me to an early grave.”

“I want to travel to other planets and inspect them for aliens.”

She placed her pie crust into the buttered glass baking dish. “You will live different lives, child. You will love deeply. And yet…” She paused, her brow furrowed. “It’s not you.”

“I don’t think so, Grandma. I love science. Specifically our cells. Mutations. Sick cells, healthy cells. Toran and I pricked our fingers yesterday so we could study our blood under my microscope.”

She eyed me through her glasses. “You are an odd child.”

“Yes,” I told her, gravely, “I am.”

My grandma was right about time travel. She simply dove into the fictional realm of my life without realizing it. McKenzie Rae Dean, my heroine, travels through time, lives different lives, and loves deeply. But McKenzie Rae is not me. See how my grandma got things jumbled up and yet dead right, too?

Many of her other second sight predictions have come true, too. A few haven’t yet. I’m a little worried about the few that haven’t. Several in particular, as they’re decidedly alarming.

I live on a quiet island, called Whale Island, off the coast of Washington. I have a long white house on five acres. I rarely ever have to leave my view of the ocean and various whales, my books, garden, and cats. I have had enough of the world and of people. Some people call me a recluse. I call them annoying.

My publisher wants me to travel to promote my books. I went on book tours with the first book, hated it, and have refused to go again. They whine. I ignore them. What do they know? I stay home.

I walk my four cats in a specially designed pink cat stroller twice every day. They each have their own compartment with their name on a label in front.

I read gardening books for entertainment, but they are only second to my love of all things physics and biology. I have a pile of exciting books and articles in my house on both subjects, including astrophysics, string theory, the human genome project, and cellular and molecular biology. Seeing them waiting for me, like friends filled with enthralling knowledge, flutters my heart.

I might drink a tad too much alcohol. Wine is my vice. I drink only the finest wine, but that is a poor excuse for the nights the wine makes me skinny-dip in a calm bay by my house and belt out the Scottish drinking songs my father taught me while cart wheeling

I am going to Scotland because I must. My mother asked me to go and check on my father’s house, fix it up, and sell it. “I can finally close the door to the past,” she told me. “Without cracking down the middle, but I need you to go and do this, because if I go, I’ll crack.”

I told her, “That doesn’t make sense, Ms. Feminist.”

She waved a hand, “I know. Go anyhow. My burning bra and I can’t do it.”

I have not been back to Scotland in twenty years, partly because I am petrified of flying and partly because it’s too painful, which is why my mother, usually a ball breaker, refuses to go.

I’m nervous to leave my cats, Teddy J, Daffodil, Dr. Jekyll, and Princess Marie. Teddy J, in particular, suffers from anxiety, and Dr. Jekyll has a mood disorder, I’m sure of it. Princess Marie is snippy.

But it must be done.

My best friend, Bridget Ramsay, is still living there. Or, she was living there. We write letters all the time to each other; we have for twenty years.

Until last year, that is. I haven’t heard from her in months.

I don’t know what’s going on.

I have an idea, but I don’t like the idea.

It scares me to death.

Truth often does that to us.

Find out more about Cathy and her books at cathylamb.org.







Huffington Post, Brandi Megan Granett, and Cathy Lamb

Hello everyone, Brandi Megan Granett interviewed me for Huffington Post. I was delighted! Hope you like it.

Friendship and Romance: A Conversation With Author Cathy Lamb, by Brandi Megan Granett


Posted: Updated: 

Cathy Lamb is the author of My Very Best Friend, a novel that explores the changing nature of friendship and what it means to really embrace living. My Very Best Friendis Lamb’s ninth novel.


Brandi Megan Granett: I had the privilege of talking with Cathy about what makes her tick as an author, how she keeps the ideas coming and the power of friendship, romance and love.

Let’s begin with the big question — you’ve written a lot of books — what keeps you motivated as an author?

Cathy Lamb: What motivates me as an author? Deadlines.

Yes, a looming deadline, even a deadline six months out, is a huge motivator. You see, if you don’t turn in the book, you have to give the money back.

That would be tremendously unpleasant, equal to flossing the teeth of an alligator.

On a friendlier note, I’m motivated to write because I have an obsession with telling stories. I love to write. I feel compelled to write. I have to write. If a space alien took my hands away, I would probably put a pen in my mouth and write, that’s how much I love writing.

How do you find new stories and characters to write about?

Everywhere. I am an excellent eavesdropper. I am also quite talented at daydreaming for hours on end. I can get inspiration for stories and characters from newspaper articles, wisteria, Scotland, bridges, a black eye, anger management, herbs, ancestral history, the word ‘run,’ lingerie, screaming and stalking, mean or strange people, laughter and the Oregon coast.

Where did the idea for My Very Best Friend come from?

To be honest, I wanted to go to Scotland. It’s where one of my daughters goes to school, and I wanted to see where she was living, studying and dancing the night away. So, I set the book there.

I wanted to explore women’s friendships with each other. Specifically, long term best friends.

I was also intrigued by overgrown gardens, stone cottages, a brilliant but socially inept time travel romance writer who has no romance, terrible secrets, my fury at the Catholic church and the abuse scandals, Scottish drinking songs, lingerie bike riding and a man in a kilt.

All those thoughts were jumbled up together, tossed in the air and out came My Very Best Friend. Sort of. It took twelve edits to get it into decent shape…


My Very Best Friend paints a lovely portrait of modern day Scotland. Do you get to visit the places you write about?

I visited Scotland in October. It was my second visit. The first time I went post — college, when I was still near broke. All of my other settings, yes, I’ve visited. But as most of my books are set in Oregon, this does not make me a world traveler. It makes me an “Oregon traveler.”

A more clear explanation of this would be: I have a bunch of kids. I’m a full time writer. I have a home I try to keep reasonably clean. When the dust bunnies leap up and bite me, I dust them away. So, I’m busy.

I travel in my head far more than I travel in reality, which is unfortunate, but I do want to travel more in future so I can at least pretend to be cool.

What steps do you take to create place with your words?

Ah. Good question. I love setting. I want the reader to see, feel, smell and taste where I am in the book. So, I try to include all the senses to create that place for them so they’re in the scene with me, not lurking along the edges peering in.

If my character is in a village in Scotland, staring at a 900 year old cathedral, trying to figure out where that priest disappeared to all those years ago, I want them to be right beside her, puzzling out the mystery.

If my character is running naked along a river at midnight, trying to get rid of her anger and grief, I want my readers on that run, listening to an owl hoot. If my character is watering her ex — husband’s Corvette with a garden hose, I want the reader to feel that cool water and hear the ex wife cackling. If my character used to weigh 350 pounds, I want the reader to know what that feels like when she’s lumbering down a city street and people are snickering.


Charlotte and Bridget offer the reader a glimpse at a complex relationship. What did you learn about friendship from spending time with these two? What do you think their experience demonstrates?

There was a gap in time where Bridget was not writing letters back to Charlotte, which was worrisome. My Very Best Friend is set in 1990, so no email, twitter, etc. Some would say this was a better, more charming time.

Anyhow, when they were reunited, outside of a cottage in Scotland, their relationship was the same in some ways, they still laughed and dove deep into interesting topics of conversation, but it was different, too, as Charlotte realized the extent of what Bridget had hidden from her, the wrenching secrets she had that Charlotte had no knowledge of.

The love and friendship was still there, but they recalibrated. Friendships can take a break. You may not see or talk to a friend for a long time, but true friends return to the same place they were before. Charlotte and Bridget did that.

Charlotte is a romance writer who finds romance. What do you like best about writing about love, romance and, most importantly, sex?

Sex really isn’t that good without the romance, care and love. It may be hot and lusty, but good down to your soul? Eh. So, when I write about falling in love, romance and sex, they all tie in together in my books if my protagonist is with the right man. Which, in the end, if I do have a romance, she is.

However, the women characters in my books go through all the difficulties that most of us women have gone through, or are going through now — cheating boyfriends, inconsiderate donkey men, men who surely have a lizard sitting on their brain because they couldn’t possibly be that dumb. Could they?

As someone who has been married for over 22 years, I will admit that I like to live vicariously through my characters as they leap into the emotional dangers, passionate highs and tricky lows of falling in love. And, I like to create truly awesome men who stand by their women.

What makes Toran a great match for Charlotte?

Toran and Charlotte fell in love as teens. They are soul mates. I believe everyone has a soul mate, but I, cynically, believe that most people won’t meet that person. Being honest, what are the statistical odds? It’s quite poor.

But Toran and Charlotte found each other. They are both intellectual, quirky, and love science, farming and the environment. They like to drink beer and sing Scottish drinking songs. They both work hard and like working hard. They like rolling about in bed, eating delicious desserts, rainy nights, books and reading, politics, etc. They trust each other. They like each other. They are utterly in love and well matched on every level.

Can you talk about your writing process?

Every novel I write gets many journals. I sketch out plotlines, characters, arcs, etc. But not too much. I have a general idea of who my character is, her name and profession, her family and all the problems she is dealing with as her life caves in around her. The rest is like a cloud. Way high up there, fluffy, unclear.

I discuss my idea with my agent and editor and a few family members. When the plot is as solid as a fluid thought can be, I write. 2,000 words a day, 10,000 words a week, or I don’t go to bed on Saturday night. I set edit goals, too. Edit 10 pages a day with the first edit, fifteen in the next, etc.

I edit all my books 12 times total. It’s a mess. When I’m in the middle of it, I’m a mess. The house is a mess.

Then it’s done, and I celebrate by having chocolate and coffee, my usual treats, and in about four days, I’m usually bored so I start thinking about my next novel…

You can keep up with Cathy Lamb or Facebook or via the author’s collective, The Tall Poppies.


Join Me At Powell’s On Tuesday, August 4th at 7:00

Hello everyone,

I’m speaking at Powell’s Books in Cedar Hills in Beaverton, Oregon on Tuesday, August 4th at 7:00 about my new book My Very Best Friend.

I would llloovve to see you.  I will attempt to be entertaining.

A little about My Very Best Friend….


An old stone cottage in Scotland.

An overgrown garden. A man in a kilt.

Lingerie bike riding at midnight. Tea and crumpets.

Two best friends.

One is missing.






Amy Sue Nathan’s Review Of My Very Best Friend

Thank you, Amy Sue Nathan, for your review of my book, My Very Best Friend — Cathy


A WFW Book Review: My Very Best Friend by Cathy Lamb

cathy lamb mvbfToday is the book birthday for Cathy Lamb’s latest novel MY VERY BEST FRIEND. It’s Cathy’s ninth book, and had me turning the pages late into the night. And if you know me, that’s no small feat. I’m an early-to-bed kinda gal.

Sometimes I have an idea what a book is about before I start reading, sometimes not. Even when I do, my expectations of story seem to vanish on page one as I allow the author to do his or her (oh, who are we kidding, usually HER) job.

That’s definitely the case with MY VERY BEST FRIEND.

I was whisked away to the Oregon and the life of Charlotte Mackintosh, a romance writer who has no romance in her life. She’s an odd duck, to say the least, which made her completely endearing. Charlotte is also generous and kind and while she hadn’t traveled in years, she sets off to Scotland to sell her parents’ old cottage, where she lived until she was about twelve. The story takes us then to Scotland–and that’s where the whirlwind begins!

Cathy is a master at pacing. I sometimes felt like I couldn’t keep up with how fast I wanted to read. I’m not sure that makes sense but so much is happening I wanted to take it all in. There’s friendship, heartache, mystery, romance, and some real growth by Charlotte, and all the other characters, by the end of the book.

I read a review somewhere (I am sorry not to attribute its author, but I am not searching for one line in one review!) that said something like the reader learned something new on every page.


And there you have it, folks. Always share something new with your reader. What the characters are doing, saying, wanting, needing. Who they’re being, where they’re going, how they’re failing or succeeding.

I’ve read stacks of writing books and interpreted them in a way that benefits my own writing and in ways I believe I’ve helped others. I’ve taken scores of workshops, gotten pages of feedback, and analyzed my own work and others. But this is one of the most helpful thing I’ve ever read. Take it straight to your writer’s heart and leave it there. And read MY VERY BEST FRIEND to see how it’s done.

I think MY VERY BEST FRIEND is, indeed, a prime example of keeping a reader on the edge of her seat in a book that’s not a thriller. It’s women’s fiction with a generous dollop of romance. It’s happy, it’s sad (oh so very), it’s funny, it’s complex (but easy to follow), and it’s also whimsical. I picked up this book when I had time to read and when I should have been doing other things.

What can I say, my friends? Cathy Lamb has done it again.

Amy xo


My New Novel, My Very Best Friend

Greetings from Oregon!

My new novel, My Very Best Friend, is now on the shelves.

So what is this story about?



An old stone cottage in Scotland.

An overgrown garden. A man in a kilt.

Lingerie bike riding at midnight. Tea and crumpets.

Two best friends.

One is missing.


I truly hope you like it.

I will be speaking at Powell’s Books in Cedar Hills in Beaverton, Oregon on Tuesday, August 4th at 7:00, and I would love to see you.

I am wishing you a wonderful summer filled with books, chocolate, coffee, and time to daydream.


I See My Sister And I In This Picture…Do You See Yourself?

In a few decades, my sister and I will probably be just like these two.

Tulips, chocolate, books and more books, cackling and laughing together under a table.

And what’s in that coffee they’re drinking? A bit of kahlua?





Castration, Sex And Studs, and Chicken Cacciatore. My Second Newsletter

Castration, sex and studs, chicken cacciatore, and advice on writing. Those are a few of the articles that are in my newsletter.

This is my second newsletter in ten years. I’m on a roll, as you can see. If you are feeling dare devilly (Did I just make up a word? “devilly” is not a word in the dictionary, I don’t think…) and want to sign up for my next newsletter, click on the link below.




Wishing you excellent books, chocolate, and long summer days.

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Greetings from Oregon where I continue to eat too much chocolate, drink too much coffee, and daydream as if I have nothing better to do than marvel at clouds.In the last two years I have found another hobby: Gardening. I believe I may now be addicted to hanging flower baskets. This is, indeed, an odd addiction.It is amazing what goes on in a backyard when one is determined to sit in a chair and not think. Squirrels chase each other. Hummingbirds and blue birds hang out. Frogs hop. Garden snakes try to frighten me. Geese fly overhead as if they own the place. Late at night, even though I live smack in the middle of suburbia, I even hear coyotes “singing.”

On another topic…This is my second newsletter since I sold my first book, Julia’s Chocolates, in 2005. Two newsletters in ten years. I’m on a roll.

So what’s in it?  Read an article where I talk about my childhood dog, Frisky, who regularly took off like a lightning rod and tried to eat other dogs. His punishment? Castration.

I also discuss how I love writing romance scenes in a USA Today article with this line in it, “It’s Not About The Sex, It’s About The Stud.”

There are photos of hellfire crowns, book club ladies who like their wine, and a brownie in the shape of a heart. I had to eat it. The brownie, not the hellfire crowns, just to be clear.

I have included my interviews with wonderful bestselling authors Liane Moriarty, of The Husband’s Secret; Graeme Simsion, of The Rosie Project; Mary Kubica of The Good Girl; and Pam Jenoff of The Winter Guest.

I’ve also included snippets of books that I have already written and edited twelve times. Each.

I will not tell you that in writing every single one of my books I have wanted to toss my computer and head to the wilds of Alaska where I would settle down in a cabin, by myself, and count polar bears. Which would have been more relaxing.

No, I won’t say that at all. I will pretend I am a rational and sane author who writes her books with a cup of tea nearby (I hate tea), her home completely clean (How funny!), her hair washed (takes sooo much time), her makeup on (must I?), a joyous tune in her calm heart.


Happy day to all of you.

Of a Delusional and Daydreaming Writer

I was invited to make a “Gather Your Hellfire Crown” with a group of women in Portland recently.

The term “Gather Your Hellfire” comes from my book The First Day Of The Rest of My Life. As you can see HERE, we had a fiery good time.

KC, The Intellectual Cat
I write, which means I spend a lot of time alone with my cat. She is very patient and smart, as you can tell by her glasses.
New diet trick! 
If you make brownies, then cut a heart out in the middle of them, the heart will lovingly take away all of the calories.

Articles I’ve Written, Thoughts I’ve Had…

These articles and blog posts are about castration, sex and studs, chicken cacciatore, and advice on writing. Not in that order, exactly. Avoid the article on Frisky, the biting dog, if you don’t want to read about his castration.

1) It’s Not About The Sex, It’s About The Stud

2) Cooking, Cancer, and Chicken Cacciatore 

3) Frisky, Castration, and Adventures 

4) For writers… a bit of advice. I wish I could call it “wise” advice, but I can’t. Take what you want, toss the rest. 

5) A Fairy Godmother And Three Wishes

Four authors, four books, one date. July 28th.
Book giveaway.

My writing gang (We are a GOOD gang, not a SCARY gang, by the way) Pam Jenoff, Mary Kubica, Kimberly Belle, and I are teaming up. Like this page and we’ll enter you into a contest to win a book…or four, if you are incredibly lucky.

Author to Author Interviews

I beg and plead and am honored to chat with some of my favorite authors. Here are a few interviews with authors I think you might love…

Liane Moriarty, author of The Husband’s Secret

Graeme Simsion, author of The Rosie Project

Pam Jenoff, author of The Winter Guest

Mary Kubica, author of The Good Girl

These are some of the more amusing comments I’ve heard over the years at book groups:“My husband is an asshole. He’s like Slick Dick in The Last Time I Was Me.”“My husband gets irritated sometimes with how much time I spend with the kids but I say to him, ‘The kids hug me and want me to read them stories but you always want to have sex. Of course I’d rather read stories.’”

“The guys from the fire department came to take care of my husband, AGAIN, but I knew they thought he was crazy. He thought he was having another heart attack. His third that week. They didn’t say it, but I heard it: My husband is anxious about his anxiety. That’s what causes his heart to beat too fast.”

“Should we take off our tops like they did in Julia’s Chocolates?”

“Pot is now legal in Oregon. Do you think we should get a joint for the next book club meeting?”

“Did you run naked by a river, Cathy, like Jeanne in The Last Time I Was Me?”

“Oh, my gosh. We finished ANOTHER bottle of wine!”

“You know that sex therapist in your book, Cathy? How did you learn all that?”

I’m happy to visit your book group if you live in the Portland, Oregon area, or we can skype or chat on speakerphone.

Excerpt from The Last Time I Was Me. On running naked along a river. Would you do this?

Excerpt from Such A Pretty Face. On being the size of a small, depressed cow…

Excerpt from Julia’s Chocolates. On Your Hormones and You: Taking Over, Taking Cover, Taking Charge Psychic Night

Excerpt from A Different Kind of Normal. On herbs, spices, and having witches in the family

A final thought….Wishing you love, joy, peace, chocolate, and excellent books.


Contact me to chat
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My new novel, My Very Best Friend, is out July 28th. Here are a few hints about the story: Two best friends. One is a time travel romance writer living like a hermit on an island off the coast of Washington. She has no romance in her life. She gets the irony of that. The other best friend is missing. Set in Scotland. Mysterious disappearance of a priest. Man in a kilt. A special garden. A stone cottage. A grandma with the Scottish Second Sight. Crazy activities with a new group of friends including lingerie bike riding at night. Love. I hope you like it.


Beach Season has recently been reissued! My story,June’s Lace, is about a wedding dress designer who lives on the Oregon coast and makes bold, wild, colorful, artistic wedding gowns. June used to be an attorney, and she used to be married. She doesn’t miss either one…until a country song writer moves in next door.

Read chapters one and twohere.


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The Curse Of A Healthy Eating Diet

My daughter put me on a Healthy Eating Diet.  It’s a terrible curse.

This is what I had for dinner recently.  I explained to her that popcorn is healthy.  The popcorn is from corn kernels. Corn grows on a stalk.  Corn is a vegetable, and in the vegetable group, so popcorn is healthy.  

Same with the melted butter. Butter is from milk.  Milk is in the milk food group.  Also healthy.

I don’t think she follows my rationale.  I will sit down with her with chocolate (milk group, antioxidants, mood enhancer) and explain it to her.  Duh.



Author to Author Interview: Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Cathy Lamb: Liz and Lisa, welcome to my blog.  Let’s get crazy. Introduce yourselves then tell us about one of the craziest things you’ve ever done in your whole life.

Liz & Lisa: Hi Cathy! Thank you so much for having us. We’ve been best friends for over 25 years and have co-written two novels together, Your Perfect Life and The Status of All Things.

The craziest thing we’ve ever done? Not sure we could say that here as we have kids that can read, but a semi-crazy thing we’re willing to admit to publicly is: We both interned at The Family Feud while in college—and yes, of course, we both got a kiss from host Richard Dawson, who was famous for smooching each and every contestant!

I don’t think I’ll ask you what that kiss was like…So! Moving on, crazy ladies. (And tell me all the juicy stuff later, okay? I won’t tell a soul.)

I know that you all have been friends forever. How did you meet?

Liz & Lisa: We met in high school when Lisa walked into Liz’s freshman English class wearing red eye glasses and overalls. Let’s just say, Liz was intrigued by this girl with absolutely no fashion sense!

And from overalls and red glasses to best friends. Excellent.

Years later you decided to write a blog together and a book. Do I have the correct order? Why did you decide to jump into both?  Was it a double dare?

Ha. It wasn’t a double dare. Although Lisa may have threatened Liz at one point that they’d better start writing that book they always talked about “or else!”

We still can’t believe we’ve pulled it off without killing each other. But we just read an article about when you’re “friend married” to your bestie. And one of the signs is that you bicker about many things, but rarely fight. That’s us.

And we think that’s why we’ve made it. The reason we wanted to start a blog was to chat it up online with other people who wanted to celebrate books. Then we started writing our novels.

Glad to know that the bickering has not led to fights which can lead to body blows, women tossing other women over bars, and sword fighting. That could get messy, although it would give you all another topic to write about.

Can you give everyone a short summary of your book The Status Of All Things? And, by the way, I loved it.

Liz and Lisa: It’s about a social media obsessed woman who discovers she can literally rewrite her fate on Facebook.

After she’s jilted at her rehearsal dinner, she goes on Facebook and writes a status about something she wishes she had. Then it comes true. She starts to realize she can change the course of her life with her statuses.

The book deals with our social media obsessed culture and also focuses on fate– should you tamper with it?

I loved the magical element to it. I am a sucker for magic.  What was the spark for that bit of magic? How did it come to be a plot element?

We love books with magic in them. And we were intrigued by the idea of being able to use Facebook to make wishes. Who wouldn’t want whatever they wrote in that status box to automatically come true?

Oh, now that would be fun. Then I could eat chocolate without calories.

On your website, and in your book, you talk about how people post photos to Facebook that make life look perfect, yet none of us have perfect lives. It’s like we’re creating an illusion. 

Liz & Lisa: We are so glad you addressed this.  We very rarely post anything too personal to Facebook, like when we’re having a really lousy day, but then we realized that, we too, portray only the “good stuff.”

What made you want to address this?  Was any particular day, or time, the impetus for it?

Liz  & Lisa: We discovered that we each have what we call a “Facebook nemesis”, that person we love to hate online. Every picture they post is perfect, every status amazing. We knew these people’s lives weren’t actually as perfect as they seemed because we were also posting only our most filtered photos and only our best news. But this idea intrigued us. Why do we only put our best self out there?

I don’t put the hard stuff on facebook, usually, because it involves other people in my life. It’s a privacy issue, but it does present a certain image when only the happy pictures are posted. I had an interviewer tell me recently that, in looking at my website, it seemed I had a perfect life. I about died laughing. 

It seems like you’re both very busy. You write books, you manage and write for your website, you’re married and have kids. What guilty pleasures do you indulge in to relax?

Liz & Lisa: Omg. We both LOVE the Bachelorette. Especially this season. It’s getting quite scandalous in a good way. And Liz has recently discovered the show Flip or Flop and is now secretly wants to quit her job and start flipping houses! We’re also partial to wine and Lisa has discovered she has recently discovered she has a chocolate sorbet problem she might need to get help for.

Don’t get me started on The Bachelorette. How ridiculous is that show? Yet, I look forward to it every week. I have opinions on the whole thing…and yes, scandalous fun.

What are you working on next?

Our next novel to be published in 2016 is called THE YEAR WE TURNED FORTY.  It’s the story of three fifty year old women who get the chance to go back in time to the year they turned forty–a year they all made decisions that altered the course of their lives.

I love it. If we could ALL go back in time, just once, to fix things…

Three places you want to visit before you are 100.

Lisa: China, Japan and South America.

Liz:  Ireland, Italy and Greece

Three people you want to meet, or go back in time to meet.

Lisa: Can I say Ryan Gosling three times? And does that make me super shallow when I should be saying the name of a Pulitzer prize winning author?

Liz: I want to meet Reese Witherspoon-I’m a bit delusional, but totally think we’d be BFFS! And that couple from Flip or Flop, Tarek and Christina. They could show us how to flip houses and then we’d have them over to BBQ at our house. Oh, and Judy Blume! Because, she’s Judy Blume! Lisa recently met her and I’m so jealous!

Hello God. It’s Me, Margaret!
And thanks, ladies, for the chat.


A snippet of The Status Of All Things:

Chapter One


In less than 24 hours, I’ll be walking down the aisle.

Something borrowed, something blue? Check.

Something old, something new? Check.

The love of my life? Double check!




(To everyone reading this: What could go wrong? Answer: A LOT.)


Friends, this is from Liz and Lisa – you have to read it.  It’s about our facebook personas…and our REAL lives.


Picture (im) perfect: What life looks like when we pull back the filter…

Let’s agree on something. We are all guilty of uploading a photo to Instagram or Facebook that, with just the right angle, lighting and filter makes the image look damn near perfect.  What we don’t post are the twenty pictures we took just to get the one that we then triple filtered and cropped before we uploaded it.

Understandably so, we all want others to see us in the best light (pun intended) whether we’re nestled up to our spouse looking hopelessly in love on our anniversary or our child is smiling angelically in her Sunday best or the rescue dog we adopted is greeting card cute as he pants for the camera.

And, while there’s nothing wrong with wanting to put our best self out there, the photos we share typically represent the way we want our lives to appear, not the way they actually are. So in honor of our upcoming novel, THE STATUS OF ALL THINGS, about a social media obsessed woman who gets the chance to literally re-write her fate on Facebook, we decided to post the photos that we’d typically delete faster than you can say #nofilter or #blessed.

This is our #reallife.

Click on the link for more info. http://www.lizandlisa.com/2015/05/picture-im-perfect-what-life-looks-like-when-we-pull-back-the-filter/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LizFentonandLisaSteinke

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Twitter: @lizandlisa

website: http://www.lizandlisa.com/about/





























The Eternity Wars by Elle Marie Bradford

Our 21 year old daredevil daughter wrote The Eternity Wars, Part One. Novella. $1.99. That cool kid self published it on Amazon Kindle. Writing under the name Elle Marie Bradford, this is what it’s about.

Good job, Rebel Dancing Daughter!!


Nineteen-year-old Adriel has decided to trade her freedom for 100 years of youth.

After the cure to aging was discovered, the world spent a century warring over the right to live. The violence only ended when the Age Regime mandated that parents purchase lifespans for their children at birth. Price tags rise drastically with every additional year so that only the richest live for centuries and the poor die young.

There’s one loophole…

Born with an Expiration Date of 20 years, Adriel knows that becoming an Eternity, an elite soldier devoted to eliminating traitors of the Regime, is the only way she’ll see her twenty-first birthday.

Without a second thought, Adriel throws herself into her training as she prepares to take the cure. Stigmatized for her slum upbringing, Adriel finds herself in a constant series of fights until she befriends Dailen, an attractive and enigmatic fellow recruit who is determined to earn her trust.

But Dailen has his own agenda for becoming an Eternity, and when Adriel learns the truth she’ll have to decide whether she should continue fighting to live forever, or if she’s found a cause worth dying for.

This is the first installment in The Eternity Wars novella series.

To visit with Elle Marie Bradford email ellemariebradford@gmail.com.

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