Beach Season

My story, June’s Lace, is about a woman named June MacKenzie. She grew up hippie – like, with a family that traveled all over Mexico and the states. A happy, non-traditional, free childhood complete with tie – dyed shirts and a VW bus.

After quitting her soul-mashing job as an attorney, she became a designer of unique wedding dresses, which is ironic, as she is in the middle of a chaotic divorce and vows that she will never, ever wear a wedding dress again.

At the beach, in a blue cottage over looking the waves, with two hilarious co-workers, she strives to find peace again, and herself, if possible.

Peace comes in the form of a country song singing cowboy…


Available at all the usual book stores.

ISBN-10: 0758265638 | ISBN-13: 978-0758265630


Cathy Lamb
All rights reserved © 2011-2015

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