October 31, 2017

On Being A Halloween Ghoul

Wishing you all a spooky Halloween. As always, Innocent Husband and I will sit outside our house dressed as scary ghouls.

We will not move at all until the trick or treaters are within a couple feet of us. They aren’t sure if we’re real or some sort of stuffed thing. While they’re still wondering, we yell, “Boo!” They about jump out of their costumes.

Well. We don’t actually yell, “Boo!” to the little kids. That makes them cry. We don’t want to make anyone cry. We tell theĀ little kids we are “friendly ghouls,” and hold out the candy.

Still, some kids will not approach, even when we wave. The older kids think Mr. and Mrs. Ghoul are hilarious.

I look forward to being a ghoul every year. Is it possible to be a geeky ghoul?

Post your Halloween photos below if you want. I’d love to see them!

Trick or treat!

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